Touching Is Believing: The Importance Of Consumer Trial In A New Product Launch

With the launch of a new product, brands quickly work to achieve several key goals: building positive brand awareness among both new and existing customers; distinguishing themselves from competitors; and encouraging trial. With the debut of a new line of denim, in an already crowded marketplace, this last goal is imperative to success. In October […] Read more

Jan, 30, 2015


Why Responsive Matters: A Look At Paid Search

Responsive web design refers to the practice of designing websites that can adapt to the size of the browser, regardless of device.  While it has been technically possible to design for the web responsively since before Y2K was a looming threat, there has not been a crucial need until the mass adoption of mobile devices […] Read more

Jan, 16, 2015


More Social Media Presence, More Holiday Presents

For some people, holiday shopping seems to begin as soon as they’ve finished eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. If you drive by the local Target or Walmart on your way home from grandma’s, you will probably see a line of people outside, just waiting for the doors to open at some absurd hour in the […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2014


A Little Less Talk, and a lot more Infographic Action | The Modern Day Press Release Goes Interactive

It’s a hectic Monday morning, and that well-researched Mr. Editor of yours has a stacked inbox of emails, a lukewarm cup of coffee, a fast approaching morning deadline and a boss who’s already given him an extension that he’s missed … oh yeah, and a gaping hole in a story that’s craving some visual appeal.  […] Read more

Nov, 12, 2014


Is Anger Effective Persuasion?

Another election has passed, and the negative attack ads are still ringing in my ears.  Campaign strategists are convinced that hatred and anger moves the needle. As Slate Magazine reports, the North Carolina Senate election was the most negative race in the nation. Nearly seven out of 10 ads were negative in the down-to-the-wire contest. […] Read more

Nov, 06, 2014